Conference "Quantum Informatics — 2021» (Russian version)

Organized by the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University with the support of the Moscow Center for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics.

Conference will be held remotely in March 30 – April 4 of 2021. It will focus on computational aspects of quantum mechanics, quantum computers, and quantum communications. Over the past 10 years, quantum computer science has become the most important scientific field that determines progress in micro - and nano - electronics, bio - technologies, complex chemistry, and information security. The special role of quantum cryptographic protocols for protecting information when it is transmitted over communication lines has been proven by the practice of using such protocols in many countries. The quantum computer project, which is being developed in the world's leading centers, is of fundamental importance for science as a whole; for example, it should enable the management of vital processes for both the individual and society. The quantum computer science tool - computer and supercomputer computations and modeling of complex processes at the quantum level — puts the faculty of Computational mathematics and Cybernetics of MSU - VMK, its mathematicians and programmers, in a leading position in this direction.

The main goal of the conference is to consolidate the efforts of faculty members working in the quantum field, to inform each other about the results of their work and to discuss future plans. This will increase the efficiency of research conducted at the VMK faculty and enhance the effectiveness of both traditional mathematical areas and the use of supercomputing and other super-productive computing methods in the most important applied areas. The development of research in quantum computer science will also give programmers new interesting and important tasks, for example, this applies to the operating system of a quantum computer and its fragments. The conference will help strengthen the faculty's ties with the MSU Quantum center and other research laboratories in Russia and abroad that deal with quantum topics, as well as improve the teaching of quantum mechanics.

Key topics of the conference:

-quantum computers, computing, quantum operating system, gates and their implementations,
-quantum cryptography and quantum information theory,
-modeling of quantum systems, solving the Schrodinger equation, direct and inverse problems of scattering of several particles
-Feynman diagrams,

-calculations and modeling of quantum devices: lasers, photodetectors, quantum dots, superconducting elements,
-quantum elements and methods in supercomputing and distributed computing, the quantum side of Big Data and artificial intelligence,
-statistical methods of quantum theory, quantum random processes,
-algebraic methods of quantum computer science,
-quantum aspects of biology and biochemistry,

-quantum methods of management and decision-making,
-interdisciplinary applications of quantum mechanics, quantum economics and quantum politics,
-teaching quantum theory.

Papers presented and discussed at the conference are expected to be published in the Preprint archive, in the quant-ph section with the QI-2021 affiliation, b) in the faculty collection dedicated to the conference. Articles selected by the program Committee during the review process will be also published in journals NONLINEAR PHENOMENA IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS, Computational Mathematics and Modeling and Computational nanotechnology in accordance with its rules.

Program Committee of the conference "Quantum Informatics — 2021»

Ablayev F. M. (Kazan University)

Averin D.V. (Stony Brook University, USA)

Bogdanov Yu. I. (Valiev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences )

Wu Junde (Zhejiang University, China)

Khrennikov A. Yu. (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

Kilin S. Ya. (B. I. Stepanov Institute of physics Of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus)

Kulik S. P. (center for Quantum technologies, faculty of physics, MSU)

Maslov V.P. (MSU Physical Faculty, MIAN)

Moiseev S. A. (Kazan quantum center of KNITU-KAI)

Molotkov S. N. (ISSP RAS, VMK MSU)

Ozhigov Y. I. (VMK MSU, Valiev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Popova N. N. (VMK MSU)

Smirnov A.V. (NIVC, VMK MSU)

Trofimov V. A. (South China University of Technology - SCUT, Guangzhou )

Zeilinger A. (University of Vienna, Austria)

Organizing Committee of the conference "Quantum Informatics-2021"

Fedotov M.V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Fomichev V.V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Gulyaev A.V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Ozhigov Yu. I. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Razgulin A.V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Voevodin V. V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Session support:

Afanasiev V. I. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

Kulagin A.V. (Faculty of VMK MSU)

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Deadline for submission of the reports – February 1, 2021.

Deadline for submitting full texts of articles has been extended until July 1, 2021.

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